Noel Gallagher Absolute Radio Jib Shot
Tevo Van Racking Still
Kettler Garden Furniture Jib Shot
Dean Melbourne Between Worlds Jib Shot

What is a jib?

A jib is a counterbalanced arm mounted to a tripod or other supporting structure. The camera is mounted on one end and the jib is controlled from the other. The counterbalanced arm then acts like a seesaw enabling the camera to travel up, down and through an extended arc.

What is the difference between a jib and a crane?

The term jib and crane are often interchangeable and mean generally the same thing. A jib is usually used to refer to a smaller setup but both jibs and cranes allow you to capture "crane shots" - so you can see why it all gets confusing!

Why use a jib on your next shoot?

Adding a jib is n easy way to boost your production value and capture those "money shots". You'll discover unique angles from heights you just can't replicate with a traditional tripod setup. A jib with remote head will allow your camera to move smoothly up, down and around your subject with a natural and fluid movement. This setup is ideal as a dynamic replacement for boring, static wide shots at live events.

Hague K12 & Kessler Rev 2 Head

From £150 per day

Full pan/tilt control at variable speeds

Adjustable length from 8ft to 12ft

Takes up to 9kg camera payload

Only requires 8ft² operating area

Full focus/iris/zoom control available

Setup by one person in under 20 minutes

Fully insured with over 10 years experience