Dan Hunt Movi Operator

What is a Movi?

The Movi is a 3-axis gyro-stabilized handheld gimbal. It uses multiple motors to automatically correct movement in the pan, tilt and roll axis when operating the camera in a handheld configuration.

What is the difference the Movi and a Steadicam?

There are a number of differences between the two systems and both have their advantages in certain situations. The Movi is quick to setup and operate and is the fraction of the cost to hire compared to a steadicam operator. However using a Movi for prolonged periods is very difficult as there is no support vest to take the weight away from the arms. This can be helped by the use of an Easy-Rig vest which distributes the weight evenly for the operator.

Why use a Movi on your next shoot?

A Movi is a simple and effective way to add dynamic movements to your production for a low cost. If you have action which needs tracking then using a Movi is a smooth and fluid way to follow a subject without handheld shake. If used in the correct circumstances a Movi shot can really immerse the audience and bring a production to life!

Movi M5 3-Axis Stabilizer

From £100 per day

Supports cameras up to 5lbs

Remote control for dual operator mode

Carbon fibre build weighing less than 5lbs

Quick setup in less than 15 minutes

Movi-Ring included for additional contact points

Easy-Rig support vest also available

Fully insured with 4 years experience